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Classes and Programs

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Free Online Workshops for Seniors

May Programming

Ageless Fitness – Flexibility and Balance Mastery

Participate in routines aimed at boosting your flexibility and refining your balance, making everyday activities easier and safer.

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/flexibility-and-balance-mastery 

Creativity for Wellness – Creative Wellness through Gardening

Discover how to design beautiful spaces, grow your own food, and create a personal oasis that nurtures the harmony of mind, body, and soul.

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/creative-wellness-through-gardening 

FinanceWise –  Digital Tools for Managing Finances

Find apps and websites that make it simple to monitor your finances and increase your savings, leading to more effective money management.

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/digital-tools-for-managing-finances 

Civic Pathways – Empowering Your Vote

Explore the voting process, stay updated on key issues and candidates, and grasp the importance of your vote in influencing our communities and nation.

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/empowering-your-vote