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The Garden City Downtown Development Authority is proud to present the Military and Veteran Banner program that recognizes and honors those brave individuals who are serving or who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Banners will display a photo of the service person, as well as their name, dates of service and branch of the United States Armed Forces. The banner will be hung in downtown Garden City during the months of May to November to celebrate Memorial Day and Veterans Day, respectively. The DDA has funded this program for one year.

The DDA will accept the submissions on a first come basis. The maximum number that can be accommodated is 40 total banners. Submissions of honorees are accepted until May 1, 2024.

Application forms will be available, here at the library. We also can help you scan a photo and e-mail the form back to the city.

Classes and Programs

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Free Online Workshops for Seniors

April Programming


Ageless Fitness – Wellness Warriors: Conquer Chronic Conditions

Explore avenues for understanding how integrating exercise and nutritional guidelines can contribute to enhancing the quality of life for while managing chronic health issues.

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/managing-chronic-conditions 

Creativity for Wellness – Capturing Life’s Stories Through Photography

Explore the world through the lens, capturing grand landscapes and everyday moments, using today’s technology to freeze time and tell compelling stories through photography.

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/capturing-lifes-stories-through-photography 

FinanceWise –  Smart Money Moves

Take charge of your finances and guard against scams with our easy-to-follow budgeting and scam prevention classes.

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/smart-money-moves 

Civic Pathways – Civic Engagement

Learn powerful ways to use your voice, time, and skills for social good, highlighting the importance of voting and lending your time and talents through volunteering. 

View Series: https://www.getsetup.io/series/civic-engagement