Make reading your New Year’s resolution; join the staff of the Garden City Public Library in a 2017 reading challenge. Set your own pleasure reading goal for the year. Post your goal and track your progress with us, using the hashtag #GCReads2017 and by tagging us @gardcitymichlib on Twitter and Instagram. You know best how busy you are, so set a realistic goal for yourself. Then dive into some good books!

Define the challenge to fit your style.  If you are a “purist,” only count paper and ink books. If you prefer ebooks, that’s ok too!  Do you spend a lot of time at the gym, or commuting to work?  Audiobooks might be your style.  Even a mixture of all three: print books, e-books, and audiobooks can be used, it’s your goal after all! Read 1 book, read 100- the goal is to just read!

No matter what format you read, the Garden City Public Library has plenty of books to help you achieve your 2017 reading goal. So, how many books will you read for pleasure in 2017?

Share your progress throughout the year on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with a picture, and a caption of where you’re at in your challenge. Be sure to follow us @GardCityMichLib to see what the staff and patrons are reading too! We also will have suggestions regularly posted, along with what’s new!




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